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Sintered metal parts manufacturing like you’ve never seen before.

unprecedented soft magnetic applications

< 5% porosity (industry average: 12%)

joining of dissimilar materials


A move to powder metal can cut costs. A move to Horizon Technology unlocks new design possibilities, too.

Customers of our powder metallurgy services fall into two groups. Does your die cast component need upgrading? We may have the technology to redesign that for powder metallurgy and cut costs. Are you already using sintered metal parts manufacturing but want to take your electric machine component to another level? We can facilitate 3D design and unmatched magnetic performance.

Horizon’s services and capabilities translate to many types of applications -- not just the auto industry!

Here are the services and capabilities we offer to help you achieve your goals ...

powder metallurgy company services


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Powder Metallurgy Advantages & Capabilities

Quality Services

We are proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified. Any outside vendors we use must also meet the same process standards.


  • We can achieve less than 5% porosity, improving magnetic and mechanical properties in your part. (The industry average is 12%.)
  • Our unique processes can achieve up to 7.5 g/cc density for your powder metal components.
  • All our presses are equipped with the ability to measure the force needed to press each part helping to assure each part meets customer requirements
  • Our CNC press provides the ultimate in tooling control, further improving part consistency.
  • Capable of producing multilevel parts up to 18 sq. in. in plainer area.
  • Our multi-action presses range from 60 to 550 tons.

Conventional Sintering

  • Our conventional furnaces operate at temperatures up to 2150 F
  • Each furnace is equipped with the ability to rapidly cool parts and eliminate the need for secondary heat treatment
  • Our furnaces are capable of using a variety of gases -- including hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon -- to form an atmosphere best suited for each part

High-Temperature Sintering

  • Your sintered metal parts can be heated up to 2500°F. (The industry average is 2100°F)
  • Parts are cooled rapidly to retain all the beneficial properties of heat treating without additional processing
  • A special zone inside austenizes your parts, providing further alloy diffusion


  • Automated brush deburring of green parts
  • In-line deburring -- Having equipment in-line improves efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Bulk deburring

Powder Metallurgy Services

Whether this is your first time taking advantage of powder metallurgy or your 100th, we have something unique to offer your design. 

Product Design

Our experienced engineering team will point out potential design-for-manufacturing and tolerance issues

Materials development is customized for each project. We create unique alloys for:

  • DC magnetic 
  • AC magnetic
  • Structural components

Material Selection

We rely almost entirely on advanced, unique materials. Why do we go out of our way to find you a one-of-a-kind mix?

Our powder metal materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Soft magnetic materials
  • Soft magnetic composites
  • Sinter-hardened steels
  • Stainless steel with high corrosion resistance

Process Design

Our powder metallurgy process is customized to each project. Our sintering and high-temperature sintering capabilities surpass just about anything you’ll find in North America.

Your product is manufactured with highly accurate controls and continuous process monitoring. That means fewer wasted runs, more product per material volume, and tighter tolerances.

Tooling design

  • Horizon can help spot design inefficiencies and recommend solutions to help reduce costs
  • The most efficient combination of coating, plating, material, and heat treatment possible
  • Large set of tooling on hand for a variety of designs -- with your needs as the top priority, not our own

Value Engineering

    • Detailed cost analysis to lower expenses and waste
    • Manufacturing process optimization
    • Supply chain partnership

Powdered Metal Parts Manufacturing

    • Sintered metal parts
    • Brazed assemblies
    • Precipitation hardening

Automated Inspection

Automated inspection is an added layer of protection for the customer. We recognize the need in certain applications for 100% inspection for critical dimensions and features.

Additional Operations

Horizon has developed several trusted partnerships over the years, all in the name of making your supply chain more convenient. Keeping your manufacturing needs under a single umbrella ensures reliability and consolidated lead times.

    • Additional heat treating (beyond sintering and high-temperature sintering): For strength, durability, weldability, and flexibility
    • Steam treating: Seals part porosity and increases density, plus it looks great!
    • Machining: Crossholes, undercuts, threads, reverse tapers
    • Grinding: Makes parts flat and parallel with improved surface finish and better dimensional tolerances
    • Oil impregnation: Allows bearings to self-lubricate -- a nice alternative to expensive rolling element bearings 
    • Resin impregnation: Improves machinability, corrosion resistance and pressure retention; stops unwanted absorption of fluids; seals pores and finishes for bonding and secondary operations.
  • Plating: For conductivity, strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, & aesthetics


What That Means For You:

Horizon Technology clears the path for you to innovate. Our advanced materials systems achieve the highest mechanical, magnetic, and density properties possible with power metal.

  • High-density parts
  • Complex shapes
  • No additional thermal processing

Horizon-produced powder metal components are known for blazing new trails in the industry. Check out these three proven, real-world examples:

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powder metallurgy company services

ISO 9001:2015

powder metallurgy

We’re proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means quality assurance at every stage of your project.

Our internal systems have been inspected for reliability and cost effectiveness, and received the seal of approval.

Click here to view our ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Plex Manufacturing

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Horizon uses Plex Manufacturing Cloud software to meet your strict and exhaustive traceability and quality goals.

Plex's real-time updates let us continuously improve efficiency and customer responsiveness. Your lead times will decrease, and you’ll receive quicker service.

Click here to learn more about Plex systems.

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