Using the Powder Metallurgy Sintering Process to Boost Part Properties


Are you tired of your current material and processes shackling your component’s design and performance?

Sintering is a thermal process largely exclusive to powder metallurgy (PM). The powder metallurgy sintering process frees engineers from many limitations inherent to traditional design in both structural and magnetic applications:

  • Structural components made from casting or forging that fail to balance cost, performance, & material efficiency
  • Solenoids that lack a sufficiently rapid response
  • Stator designs that suffer from reduced magnetic performance and 50% material waste
  • Stamped rotors for a synchronous motor design can’t match the intricate shape-making and features possible with sintering

Today, advanced powder metallurgy processes can provide strength and design flexibility superior to casting. And PM requires less secondary machining, allowing for more material flexibility than forging.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Engineer’s Guide to Sintering for Refined Component Performance

Whether you haven’t considered sintering as a solution, or your current sintered part hasn’t unleashed its full potential, this guide will give you several great takeaways:

  • How sintering works, and the difference between sintering and melting
  • The benefits of conventional sintering and sinter hardening
  • How high-temperature sintering takes part properties even further
  • How ultra-high-temperature sintering surpasses them all
  • Where advanced sintering can replace castings, forgings, and more
  • Special tricks for improving your assembly

Use this e-book to match your application, required properties, and budget to a sintering technique. With the right alloys and heat-treating conditions in place, you can create powder metal parts that perform better than you ever imagined possible:


More Question About the Powder Metallurgy Sintering Process?

If you still don’t have a good handle of whether sintering can expand your design options and improve material properties, ask our world-class team directly. You can also keep learning on your own by scrolling to the resources below.

Our team includes Senior Advanced Materials Engineer Fran Hanejko and Director of Technology & Business Development Tom Freemer. Fran is a highly respected industry expert who’s published several research papers on sintering and powder metallurgy. Tom has collaborated with design engineers across several industries to create innovative PM solutions through advanced manufacturing techniques and material alloys.

Fran and Tom have extensive experience in powder metallurgy, including several years with a world-leading raw material supplier. If you have design or performance questions for them, get in touch here.