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Stoking Ambition Into Reality Since 2001.

We’re continuously raising the bar on small metal parts manufacturing

Horizon Technology has developed highly complex and cost-effective solutions for metal powder products since 2001. 

Since then, our team has tapped into 100s of combined years of powder metallurgy experience to create unique opportunities for you to convert components to powder metal or take your current design to a new level of performance  We’re talking components that were previously thought impossible to produce with powder metal technology.

We do small metal parts manufacturing based on values that directly benefit you, your product, and your supply chain.

Value #1: Continuous improvement -- always move forward.

Never stop looking for ways to improve. We value diverse thinking that results in better solutions for our customers, whether your ultimate goal is reducing costs or improving component properties.

Some of our continuous improvement efforts include:


Value #2: Communicate with the goal of understanding.

We value input and expertise from all sources -- especially on non-powder metal subjects.

We and our suppliers are experts in materials and manufacturing. You, the customer, are an expert in your own project and requirements. 

We strongly encourage a stream of dialogue and collaboration throughout the entire manufacturing process. Together, we can streamline your concept for performance and cost-efficiency.

Value #3: Discover ways to do powder metal differently.

We're not satisfied with the status quo. Our world-class engineering and materials development teams will help you surpass industry limitations and create powder metal components that couldn’t be made anywhere else.

Let us do powder metal differently for you.

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Our approach as a powder metal manufacturer:

Sintering conditions totally unique to Horizon help us process your components in a way that goes beyond standard heat treating and iron-copper-carbon materials

Today, 90% powder metal parts made elsewhere are sintered at around 2050°F. Recently, Horizon collaboratively developed the technology to sinter iron powder parts at 2500°. This gives you even more design flexibility for projects that require unique levels of:

  • Tensile strength
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Impact strength

Our advanced material systems increase part density and achieve rare levels of mechanical and magnetic performance. We also help those using other manufacturing processes convert their components to powder metal, reducing their costs.

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