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Electric motor design is about more than just reducing cost -- it’s about the chance to get innovative and exceed performance expectations. 

If you’re already experimenting with new electric motor solutions that are a little "different,” consider incorporating powder metallurgy (PM) into your plan. Whether you’re looking for electric motor efficiency or cost reduction, chances are a PM solution exists.

Use this hub as a resource for understanding the advantages of powder metallurgy for motor applications vs. competing technologies like electrical steel laminations. Below you can learn more about the untapped potential powder metallurgy holds for motor makers -- and how you can use it to push the boundaries of your design.



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Electric Motor Efficiency Through Materials & Processes

Using powder metal parts to cut costs is nothing new. Using powder metal components to further the “electrification” of transportation and other electromagnetic applications is the new frontier for driving performance and cost-efficiency to new heights. 

In the case of transportation, these opportunities go far beyond the traditional automobile. Powder metallurgy processes and materials are seeing more use in:

  • E-bikes
  • E-scooters
  • E-motorcycles

Powder metal materials and processes can optimize both AC and DC motors -- everything from axial flux motors to magnetic torque tunnels. Basically, anything that needs to be small and efficient needs to include metal powder parts.

Resource: 3 Trends in Manufacturing Auto Parts: Does Powder Metal Have a Place?

What’s Your Motor Design Challenge?

In the race to innovate, electric motor designers no longer need a “good enough” solution, they need a great solution. Powder metallurgy’s benefits go hand in hand with cutting-edge design.

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Fran Hanejko is an industry-leading expert who works with Horizon as our Senior Advanced Materials Engineer. Fran has decades of experience in powder metallurgy, including managing customer applications for a world-leading raw material supplier. He graduated from Drexel University in 1974 with a master’s degree in materials engineering.

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