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People. Passion. Powder Metal.

At Horizon Technology, we think outside of the box to increase product efficiency and reduce costs -- all while improving the quality of your powder metal parts.

At Horizon Technology, we do powder metallurgy differently.

What if you could cut costs AND improve the efficiency of your powder metal parts?

It’s not a dream. Not when you work with us. Our dedicated group of engineers have made custom powder metallurgy the perfect solution for products just like yours.

We match processes and materials to your metal powder products -- it’s not a one-size-fits-all operation. Your part serves a specific and unique purpose. We guarantee we have the perfect combination of manufacturing and metal to lay the foundation of a high-quality, durable component.

Innovate your product. Maximize efficiency. Make the impossible a reality.

That’s how we make your metal powder products a success.

Markets & Industries

While we’re capable of serving any industry that requires powder metal parts, we’ve made breakthroughs for customers in the following industries:

  • Electric motors
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Lawn & garden
  • Firearms
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Oil & gas


What We Do

We cut your costs. We open new doors for your product. We make metal parts manufacturing the best solution for your project.

The Horizon Technology mission is to demonstrate the versatility of powder metal components in a variety of applications. We aim to make powder metal manufacturing a low-cost alternative to other metal forming technologies for any project.

Contact Horizon Technology today to see how powder metal manufacturing can get results for you!

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Advanced processes

Ability to reduce porosity, improving performance


Unparalleled quality and service

Six Sigma Black Belt & Shainin Master certifications.


Make-it-happen atmosphere

Obeya lean management -- solving problems in real time, ensuring you get the highest-quality products.

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Committed to innovation

From material development to market opportunities, you get the best in the industry.


Metallurgical testing and analyses

Want to find the best materials for your application? We can find the perfect solution.


People who care

We're committed to making YOU the #1 focus.

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