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Engineers' Hub for Electric Motor Efficiency

If you’re already experimenting with new electric motor solutions that are a little "different,” consider incorporating powder metallurgy (PM) into your plan. Whether you’re looking for electric motor efficiency or cost reduction, chances are a PM solution exists.

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Horizon Capabilities & Services Handbook

A move to powder metal can cut costs. A move to Horizon Technology unlocks new design possibilities, too. Our Capabilities & Services Handbook is a great starting point for working with a powder metallurgy company.

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How Modern Powder Metallurgy Stacks Up Today

Powder metal part manufacturers compete aggressively with competing processes. How Modern Powder Metallurgy Stacks up Today is a comparison of “conventional” powder metallurgy vs. competing manufacturing processes.

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Beginner's Guide to Soft Magnetic Composites

This introductory e-book is for those interested in designing and manufacturing a more compact, higher-performance product. Soft magnetic composite materials can help you do that.

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AC Electric Motor Design Guide SMC E-Book Cover 300x300

AC Electric Motor
Design Guide

In AC electric motor design, SMC materials address the issues limiting machined & laminated designs. This guide shows how to use SMCs to improve magnetic performance and reduce cost:

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Engineer's Guide to Sintering

Do you find forging or machining limiting? Advanced sintering can guide engineers toward better properties while maintaining what makes powder metal special:

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