unique process. unique materials.
A Unique Powder Metallurgy Company


A move to powder metal can cut costs. A move to Horizon Technology unlocks new design possibilities, too.

How do we do that? By combining advanced powder metallurgy processes and materials to make solutions once impossible with powder metal.

Our Capabilities & Services Handbook is a great starting point for working with a powder metallurgy company. This is true whether you’re looking to convert an expensive part made with competing processes, or looking to take your existing powder metal part to new performance heights.

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Capabilities & Services of the Modern Powder Metallurgy Company

Horizon offers a variety of services and capabilities at every step of the manufacturing process to help you achieve your goals …

  • Product design
  • Process design
  • Material selection
  • Tooling design
  • Molding
  • Sintering, including high-temperature and ultra-high-temperature
  • Deburring
  • Automated inspection
  • Other processes contracted through trusted partners to conserve your lead time

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