Improve Your Electric Motor Efficiency
Intro to Advanced AC Materials.

Is Your Electric Motor Efficiency Just 'OK'? Try This Guide to Soft Magnetic Composites

The electrification of transportation -- and just about every other industry -- has spiked demand for new and better magnetic materials. Traditional machined or stamped lamination assemblies have limitations in performance, size, or cost efficiency that are no longer moving these industries forward.

As a result, the most cutting-edge companies are actively seeking alternatives. Research and data shows soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials may be the answer to finally surpassing today's standards in electric motor efficiency and other performance/cost aspects.

Soft Magnetic Composites: Intro to Optimized AC Electric Materials is an introductory e-book for those wishing they could design a more compact, higher-performance product. SMCs can help you do that -- just fill out the brief form on this page to download this newcomer-friendly publication:

INTRO TO OPTIMIZED AC ELECTRIC motor efficiency MATERIALS - soft magnetic composite - highway at night

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What's an SMC, & How's It Improve Electric Motor Efficiency?

Great questions!

Soft magnetic composite is a powder metal with electrically insulating coating. This material is exclusively produced through advanced powder metallurgy.


Its many benefits include:

  • Net shaping with < 5% scrap waste
  • Allows for intricate component features & alternative designs
  • Lower core losses with 3D flux capabilities
  • Facilitates simple and compact assembly, saving space & weight
  • Excels at frequencies up to 10,000 Hz -- and beyond

The full e-book has tons of other data and graphs to illustrate the performance of SMCs vs. traditional materials and processes. Simply complete the brief form to unlock this research.