AC Electric Motor Design Guide: Soft Magnetic Composite

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Improve Your AC Electric Motor Design's Efficiency

ac electric motor design guide - Assembled-SMC-StatorIn recent years, the electrification of transportation and other industries has spiked demand for new and better magnetic materials. Traditional machined or stamped lamination assemblies have limitations in performance, size, or cost efficiency that are no longer moving these industries forward.

Leading AC electric motor designers are finding that soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials address all three issues. This emerging material process may outperform or supplement your current solution -- if you understand the “when” and “why.”

AC Electric Motor Design Guide for Soft Magnetic Composite Materials is a free e-book that'll help you understand the very unique rulebook for magnetic materials, particularly SMC. By understanding how each decision affects properties and cost, your product can lead the race to greater electric motor efficiency.

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What's in Your AC Electric Motor Design Guide for SMCs?

We're not here just to tell you SMCs are great. You'll receive study results and advice for when and how to successfully convert your part from lamination or machining -- or improve your existing powder metal part.

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Chapters of this e-book will cover in detail:

  • Recap: How SMCs function
  • Limits and opportunities in size & shape
  • Alternative motor design possibilities
  • Reducing assembly size
  • Reducing core losses
  • Adding features & secondary operations
  • High-frequency applications
  • Prototyping
  • Permeability & magnetic saturation
  • Successfully communicating needs to your supplier

In the race to innovate the electric vehicle design, a “just OK” solution like motor lamination stamping material is no longer enough. To keep up, you need a high-efficiency electric motor core material. Fill out the quick form to learn where SMC might help.