Ask an Engineer About Powder Metal Design

Faster, lighter, higher-performing. Your application is constantly evolving to keep up with competition, and the components and materials you use have to match up too.

Whether you’re a powder metallurgy veteran looking to take a design to another level or someone considering converting a component from another manufacturing process, you’re welcome here. Materials and technologies are moving so rapidly in powder metallurgy these days that any designer or purchaser can benefit from a brief consultation.

Ask one of our engineers your question today and let him be your powder metal design guide -- there may be innovative solutions the competition hasn’t dreamed of!

Contact a Powder Metal Design Engineer

What’s your design issue? Or is it an opportunity? You may need to talk with an engineering expert ASAP if:

  • Your part properties (i.e. magnetic performance, density, and strength) aren’t cutting it with die casting, electrical steel, or another process
  • You think switching to powder metal could cut component costs
  • You have a complex design that could benefit from 3D net shaping.
  • You are already using powder metal but need a higher-performing material or process (i.e. high-temperature sintering)

We always encourage dialogue as early as possible in the design phase. We love innovating alongside our clients, so feel free to contact an engineer directly via the form.