HORIZON TECHNOLOGY  clears a path to innovation and new levels of component performance.

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Advanced Powder Metal Products.

Horizon Technology clears a path to innovation with advanced materials & processes.

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At Horizon Technology, we do powder metallurgy components differently.

Your industry demands a design that looks to the future. Horizon helps customers unlock new performance and innovation possibilities never before possible with powder metallurgy.

It’s not a dream. Not when you work with us. Our dedicated group of experienced engineers and materials experts have customized powder metallurgy for clients like you around the globe.

We match processes and materials to your powder metal products -- it’s not a one-size-fits-all operation. Your part serves a specific and unique purpose. If that purpose fits with powder metallurgy, we’ll find the perfect combination of process and powder to lay the foundation of a high-quality, durable product.

Innovate your product. Maximize efficiency. Make the impossible a reality.

That’s how we make your metal powder products a success. Ask our engineers if we can make your products a success. 

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Powder Metal Solutions for More Efficient Electric Motor Design

Increase the efficiency & performance of your electric motor design by incorporating powder metal parts.

A tenant of the electric vehicle is to reduce waste and energy expenditure. That’s why considering powder metal parts for your motors is crucial. PM produces less waste than die casting or machining and is suited for crafting complex shapes impossible with many competing methods. 

Led by industry experts, our processes cut costs, ensure structural and magnetic performance, and reduce waste. We take the use of powder metallurgy in AC and DC motor design and manufacturing seriously, which is why we’ve compiled a resource hub for increasing electric motor efficiency.

Work with us to find a PM solution for all your electric motor manufacturing needs.

Interested in making a better electric motor? Learn more about all the benefits of powder metal parts at our Engineering Hub. 

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What Horizon Does Differently

Horizon leads the way on several material and process advances that give our customers unique advances in electric motor design and many other applications.


Soft magnetic composites 

Top-shelf magnetic performance in a compact design that requires less material and weight.


Sintered soft magnetic materials

Excellent strength coupled with high magnetic performance thanks to the ability to alloy!


Ultra-high-temperature sintering

Take your component’s properties to a level conventional sintering can’t match -- but only at Horizon.

The Horizon Technology mission is to demonstrate the versatility of powder metal components in a variety of applications -- not just the auto industry! PM is a green technology with few limits besides your imagination.

We aim to not only make powder metal manufacturing a low-cost alternative, but also the go-to for greater component properties.



A Conversion to PM is a Dedication to Innovation & a Cost Saving Choice

We’re capable of serving any industry that requires a solution for small metal parts manufacturing that’s either higher-performing or more cost-effective -- or both.

Our customers fall into two groups. If your current part is falling behind the pack, we can improve its performance or cut your costs with powder metallurgy (PM).

  • Powder Metallurgy vs. Casting: PM can use a wider variety of materials, better control structural consistency, and drop secondary operations and scrap waste from your lead time and budget. 
  • Powder Metallurgy vs. Forging: Through Horizon’s unique PM materials and processes, you can achieve high strength and net shaping at a much lower cost.
  • Powder Metallurgy vs. Stamping: The electrical steel lamination process deforms the material, resulting in weak magnetic properties; our special materials greatly reduce eddy current losses.
  • Powder Metallurgy vs. Machining: Machining can result in up to 50% scrap waste; powder metallurgy can form a complex, 3D shape quickly and with amazing material efficiency.

If you’re already using powder metallurgy but want to take your component to another level, we can facilitate 3D design and unmatched magnetic performance. To explore your options in more detail, download this complimentary PDF:

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